Pam Poquette is an artist living and working in Albany, NY. She earned her BFA from The College of Saint Rose (2014) and her MFA from the University at Albany, SUNY (2018). Poquette currently teaches drawing at The College of Saint Rose, and has a studio at The Church (Troy, NY). She is a grant recipient from the Teagle Foundation for their initiative Teaching and Learning with Museum Exhibitions: An Inter-Institutional Approach for “This Place.” Poquette recently exhibited at GalleryFifty5 (Kingston, NY), Onondaga Community College (Syracuse, NY), University Art Museum (Albany, NY), Trestle Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Woodstock Artist Association & Museum (Woodstock, NY), Collar Works (Troy, NY), and The Arts Center of the Capital Region (Troy, NY).


I create drawings and paintings that capture imagined worlds inhabited by slippery shapeshifters. I refer to these abstract characters as glyphs; forms that repeat as a vocabulary of ambiguous hieroglyphic symbols that appear to have the quality of something recognizable, though they are not entirely revealed. These cartoon-like entities seem to emerge from their terrain without committing themselves to a concrete form; they tease the viewer. Self-animated, they can appear to be engaged in activities like chaotic dance, calm conversation, ravenous affairs, and self-reflection. My invented abstract language is continually morphing, with new considerations to the formation and removal gestures common to both comics, and comic abstraction. Fast ink gestures and slow embroidery stitching are present, both in quick graphic entities that shapeshift, and in slow details and relationships that emerge in time. The glyphs are sneaky, they appear and disappear within their surrounding landscape; their ambiguous forms are in constant flux. This mirrors my intention to propose a feminist critique, and my aim for the glyphs to exist in a hybrid space that cannot be categorized.

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